Energy and Technology Going Green?

I personally am on a mission to expose my grandson to the outdoors the way his father, myself, and my parents experienced nature! One thing we do know is that people appreciate the beauty of our oceans, rivers, forests, mountains, and deserts!

It really doesn't matter where you sit politically on the green subject. We have soil saturation with oil around the drilling sites. This problem goes much further than the United States.

We have an opportunity to share about a company that is operating in the US and India to clean up soil. It extracts barrels of oil in volume from the sand with the purpose to clean up the environment. The information on the company can be sent to you by reaching out to us at

They currently have clean up operations in Utah and Dubai, patented equipment ,and are on the Dow Jones. We have great information for you if you would like to learn more about being a part of helping to clean up our planet; and, at the same time you can reduce your taxes through K-1 reportable deductions if you qualify!

I think all of us are looking for a better way to do things, and we have found this to be an amazing gift to the future generation for preserving the environment.

“There’s this enormous backlog” of abandoned wells, “and we don’t have financing in place to clean them up, How Last Century’s Oil Wells Are Messing With Texas Right Now Sergio Chapa. June 29, 2021,

When I saw the headline for this article stating there was a lack of funding, I knew instantly we have a solution!

Please reach out to us today for more information:


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