Global Taxes? Inflation or deflation of the dollar? What can we do in this economy?

Finally a company with the key to tax solutions!

MVPL we are passionate about protecting our clients and keeping wealth in the family for generations! We have a diverse portfolio of options specializing in working with attorneys, CPAs and other financial professionals, as well as High net worth clients globally.

We are not trying to move your book of business, we are looking to make the professional planners the hero to their clients through legal structures. If you are looking for a great option for this type of service we have a national network of consultants. Our world class faculty will give you a covenant not to compete.

We have an international network and work with US citizens, Xpats, and global opportunities. We assist high net worth individuals and business owners. Even with the best planning most estates LOSE MILLIONS in taxes. Now more than ever we need to share our elite world class faculty to assist as many people as we can before the wealth is absorbed by new tax plans.

Between the G7 and Proposed tax laws here in the US. The safe havens and tax shelters are under attack. We have solutions for that but time is of the essence.

Even the elite estate planners and accountants who have used every legal avenue available, are intrigued by our resources! Our world class faculty is able to consult with you to realize up to, double the tax savings on the estate and or business plan.

How we do this is to consult with the planners as their back office, you remain in control of your client!

Contact us today to learn more. We are hear to help!

MVPL - A Wealth Resource Consulting Group, LLC


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