Immunity Practices, Foods, and Supplements You Need To Know More About! Don't Let Stress Takeover!

I hesitated a moment before writing this article-- given I don’t want to sound preachy; however, I have always been an advocate of selfcare and good nutrition. I’m not expert, just a dedicated student of healthy living. Recently, my 87-year-old mother contracted Covid. While I have been overseeing her diet and continually making suggestions, substitutes, and daily exercise recommendations for the past several years, I decided to delve further into natural methods of getting a body healthier to be able to fight off disease that I could share with others. There are a few things I have found through my research, as well as my own personal care that really work to address immunity and the body’s ability to heal itself.

First, my biggest focus for over 30 years has been on adequate exercise. Now, I don’t mean doing an hour in a spinning class seven days a week, or running 10 miles, unless those things bring happiness and a sense of accomplishment and well-being. I believe healthy exercise starts with exercising the brain, training the brain to focus on things that are positive and that contribute to a healthy approach to lifestyle choices. Things like gratitude, belief, attitude, and commitment naturally promote wellbeing. These are the things that make a person want to get up each day. Smiling often, and using affirmations put you in a place that creates the desire to do something. Meditating while walking 30 minutes every day, listening to music while doing light resistance lifting, or Pilates and yoga all help to ease the body of stress, tone and strengthen the muscles, and bring a sense of peace. It’s amazing once you set some small goals and begin achieving them! When you feel strong, you feel confident.

Second, I cannot say enough how important nutrition is along with a positive approach to be able to truly enjoy foods. This particular subject gets me frustrated when I read about our obesity rate, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and eating disorders in this country. I speak from experience on the latter. It’s crucial to understand what you are consuming and the consequences of eating and drinking certain consumables. For instance, refined sugar and refined flours are probably the two worst things one can eat, and unfortunately, they are in most any processed product you eat. Try to eliminate ALL processed foods and drinks loaded with sugars. There are some great substitutes available and a plethora of cookbooks, self-help books and websites to inspire a better way of eating. For years I have suggested that the food pyramid was a scam designed to promote consumption of certain foods that are cheap to make and loaded with preservatives and other toxins. Whole foods, and compassionately raised or wild caught proteins are all great when consumed in healthy portions. Balancing calories in, and energy out is what makes our bodies function optimally.

Third, know what your body needs that you aren’t getting in your food sources. No two bodies are the same. Many factors play into why you might be short on certain vitamins and minerals. See your doctor regularly and know your numbers. If possible, seek out a naturopathic doctor and have a full body assessment performed. When you begin incorporating supplements, such as natural herbs, etc., read read read labels. They are not all equal. The one thing you can do that is EASY that will get your gut health in order is to consume natural collagen. The old adage about chicken soup healing you turns out to be pretty accurate. I try to have 2 cups of natural chicken bone broth every day in lieu of more coffee or tea. My tummy has never felt better since I began about six months ago. I’ll attach my favorite recipe for you to try, but spice it up with flavors you love. There are a million ways to prepare it, and it’s ridiculously simple and budget friendly.

Lastly, here are some of the things I personally take daily, and this protocol has worked well for my mom during Covid:

Vitamin A 10,000 ICU daily

Vitamin C 2000-5000 daily

Zinc 150 mg

Selenium 200 mcg

Beet Root 1500 mg

Vitamin B17 (pits of apricot seeds)

High 9.5 ph level water

As we continue to move through this surreal season of contagious viruses, I hope you will take good care of self and loved ones. Stay positive and focused. As a lover of Christ who believes in the power of prayer, I pray for our world to join me in loving and nourishing others. Food is love. God bless!

Please do your own research and talk with your doctor and nutritionist for more information on what is best for you!!

Contributed by Valerie Cathell-Clark

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