Where are you after 2020? I couldn't be in a better place! The world is your oyster!

I can say that I have been semi retired for many years through life's journey. In traveling and speaking with so many people from around the world in the last year, I realize how many people want to spend time outside of their home country for extended periods of time yet still leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

How is it we can appreciate so much travel and maintain the wealth we work so hard to build? Proper estate planning is key. Now more than ever we need to protect what we have! The rebuilding of our future after the pandemic relies on the warriors within us to lead the way! We have faculty that support the high level estate planners and CPA's with legal structures that have doubled the traditional savings. We want to know who you know that would like to help their clients keep more of their wealth in their families.

We support business owners and families going through changes that may require revisiting key components of the estate or business partnership planning. Need help monetizing on assets to restructure? We can provide an opportunity to identify options you may be unaware of potentially monetize and reallocate to your advantage.

There are many exciting things we can help you with, time is of the essence! We invite you to call us and talk about who you partner with to build strong and sustainable relationships within your tribe! Great businesses thrive on value exchange. How can we work together to share valuable resources that elevate our purpose?

I decided last summer to come out of the box that the industry built around me and create something amazing. I am proud to have a national network of professional partners that are extremely competent in estate planning and tax efficiency.

I also have built relationships with organizations that support growth in our industry for the agency owners as well as marketing agencies! This has brought us to a place that proves we have something to good not to share!

We are now launching our international network of the Women's Wealth Club! We have so many wonderful connections to share! Please join us this Thursday at 4:00PM PST! Registration required mvplwrc.com/privateclients

We plan well for our clients, now let us help elevate you!

I am Monica Breaux, CEO/Founder of MVPL-A Wealth Resource Consulting Group! I look forward to the conversation!

Start with a call to 775-298-5340! You can email us at info@mvplwrc.com

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