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Keeping Wealth In The Family

What We Do

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Financial Diagnostic

Our Financial Diagnostic is designed to identify the tax and liability risks that you are exposed to, but that you may be unaware exists within your current legal and financial documents. The diagnostic result is provided in a concise, easy to understand, hard copy, visual blueprint.

Estate Discount, Tax, and Liability Diagnostic

Are you compressing the value of your assets within your estate to keep your wealth from being confiscated? Have you looked at methods to create liquidity in your estate? Do you want to create maximum protection for your heirs?

Business Tax and Liability Diagnostic

Exposing the tax and liability risks in your business agreements requires an inventory of your legal documents which support buy/sell plans, golden handcuff plans, profit incentive plans, and tax returns. Avoid the unnecessary cost of triggering events due to improper documentation.

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Bankruptcy and Liability Diagnostic

Current Lift Insurance Policy Diagnostic

What can you protect? How do you know you have maximized the use of your federal exemptions to protect your assets from lawsuits and bankruptcy.

Insurance companies have been arbitrarily raising the expenses inside policies, generally, for policyholders over age 60. These expense increases can deteriorate a policy's cash value and can cause a policy to lapse without notice. A diagnostic assessment of the options, before this happens to you, will give you options.

About Us

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We work with domestic and global clients which include organizations, executives, leaders, and teams. We identify and solve organizational and operational challenges to define and improve business processes. We specialize in helping high net worth individuals and companies to plan and execute, becoming more profitable, allowing them to keep more wealth in the family.

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MVPL - Strategic Consulting Services, LLC

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