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Ending Financial Illiteracy

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Only 3% of people in this country actually have a written financial plan per SOFA, The Society for Financial Awareness. Most people are “winging” it and hoping they will have enough assets to live comfortably in retirement. With the current drastic increase in inflation, many people we talk to are wondering if they will have enough money to live on in retirement.

SOFA is a nonprofit 501(3)c group that is not permitted to sell anything. It’s a great resource that has been around since 1993, and many people are not even aware they exist.

The need for financial literacy education is more critical than ever, and if you are a business owner with an HR department, reach out to us to learn how you can have financial literacy workshops presented to your associates at no cost.

If you feel like we do, it is easy to get involved and become a member of SOFA. This is our giveback; we have joined SOFA to provide financial literacy education across the nation for families, communities and employers at no cost to you or your organization!

Here is a list of some of the classes they provide:

  • Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory

  • Budgeting

  • College Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement

  • Getting Fiscally Fit

  • First Time Home Buyer’s

  • Financial Blunders That Self Defeat US

  • Getting Your Financial House in Order

  • Social Security Explained

  • Investing Basics for Women

  • Investing Concerns in a Fragile Market

  • Issues of Ageing Parents

  • How to Increase Your Health and Wellness

  • Legal Lessons for Life

  • Taking Control of Your Cash – Eliminating Debt

  • Strategies for a Sustainable Income in Retirement

  • Refinancing Your Mortgage 101

  • Tax Planning

  • Understanding 401K Rollovers

  • Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond

  • You and Your Credit Score

  • Understanding Life Insurance and You

  • Preparing for Long Term Care (Issues of Ageing)

  • Roth IRA…Another Tax Break for Americans

  • Union Members…Securing Your Financial Peace of Mind

  • What Questions Does the Corona Virus Raise for People Retired or About to Retire?

  • I.D. Theft

  • Maximizing the Right Mortgage Strategies in Today’s Market

  • Stress and Your Health

  • Real Money – Real Estate

  • The U.S. Housing Crisis

  • Understanding Critical Disability Issues

  • Our Behavior – The Foundation of Our Choices

  • Making Medicare Simple

NOTE: If you are an individual, you can reach out to groups you belong to such as churches, faculties, teams, etc., and SOFA can provide an educator to come and teach your group at your location of choice and/or virtually

for zero cost.

SOFA is dedicated to end financial illiteracy one community at a time. Reach out today and take control of your financial education 775-365-9429

These resources are worth the time to explore, and they are FREE. Here is a short Video about SOFA:

SOFA - On a Mission to End Financial Illiteracy One Community at a Time


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