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You are the premier attorneys and CPAs working with high net worth clients, specializing in Estate Law, Elder Law, and maximizing asset preservation strategies.

MVPL offers education on lesser known legal strategies to benefit your clients and enhance your service opportunities.


"It's not how much money you make,

but how much money you keep,

how hard it works for you,

and how many generations you keep it for."

 - Robert Kiyosaki -

Professional Partner Webinars

  • Policy Rescue Audit Process
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    Are you a trustee for an ILIT? Have you client's estate, personal, or professional financial goals been affected in the last year? Learn how this valuable tool fits in your battle bag.
  • Generational Wealth Transfer
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    Learn how this lesser known legal structure is used to protect your clients' estate.

Learn About the Options

If you hold to the principle of 'Keeping Wealth in the Family' for your clients, we encourage you to attend our educational briefings.

'Keeping Wealth in the Family'

 Working to protect your client's by:

  • Compress Estate Tax Exposure

  • Maximize Estate Plan Contributions

  • Take the Financial Fight out of Family in Estate Planning


  • Business Succession Planning

Solving the Problem

Even with the best estate plan and by maximizing charitable contributions, the risk of tax exposure still exists for your clients. 


The processes you will learn about in the General Wealth Transfer webinar are tools you can add to your battle bag, nearly doubling the savings for your clients.


Use the registration link to schedule your private meeting today! 

'Keeping Wealth in the Family'


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